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CNC Router

CNC Router

One machine pulling double-duty for us is the CNC router. Great for turning out detailed foam end-products, we also use the router to produce templates that help us create products on other machines. With a drill bit instead of a saw, the router doesn't need to pass completely through a material to make its cuts. We predominantly use this cutter for our sturdiest EPS foams, as well as wooden templates and plates that the compression cutter uses. We have different bits for different materials to ensure clean cuts, which operate on both the X and Y axis. With this flexibility, we can cut 90° angles or smooth curves as fast as 2,200" per minute. The cutting area of 60" x 121" provides plenty of space for larger projects, and the router can clear 10" for thick or multi-level projects. Depending on the material being cut, we may use bits from 1/8" to 1" in diameter.

The CNC router is used to cut signs and recessed wall niches for architecture, which are able to be tiled over. The bold 3D designs the router is capable of creating make your business signage instantly recognizable, while the foam architectural niches help you customize your home the way you want it.

NOTE: Rough edges and markings will be cleaned for any and all finished products.

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