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CNC Horizontal

CNC Horizontal

With multiple horizontal CNC machines under our roof, both oscillating and continuous, we have the capability to craft incredibly precise foam products. With cutting dictated by computer programming, products can be carved to very tight specifications. Despite that precision, CNC cutters are just as powerful as the more simplistic horizontal saws, able to slice through certain foam types up to 8LB density.

Using computer programming to plot the cuts, these machines produce clean lines and sharp angles that would be virtually impossible to create by hand in the same timeframe. We are able to produce large, customer-specific products directly from the buns, as well as a broad variety of sheet patterns and contoured products. The continuous-blade machines have automatic rotating tables with blades that are always moving forward, able to be turned ± 360° to work within and around the bun. The oscillating cutters require manual rotation of the buns, but there is no angle restriction on these blades, with their back–and–forth cutting motion. Lastly, all CNC saws have all been re-engineered since their arrival for optimized performance and minimal downtime, with reduced sound levels as well.

Examples of products fabricated by this machine:

bedbridgecoin holderpyramid foammedical body wedge

NOTE: Rough edges and markings will be cleaned for any and all finished products.

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