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Responsible for producing our instantly-recognizable eggcrate foam is our convoluter. With two studded rollers that create areas of alternating pressure as a blade passes through the center of the foam, one solid foam sheet becomes two eggcrate sheets, while generating zero waste. The studs produce areas of greater and lesser pressure that correlate to the peaks and valleys on the foam. Pressure forces more foam under the blade, resulting in peaks, and the area that foam was cut out of on the opposite sheet forms a valley. One solid sheet goes in, two eggcrate sheets come out!

Our convoluter is 84" wide, giving us the ability to cut mattress toppers in any size, one of eggcrate's most popular uses. The machine feeds automatically with no limit to the sheet’s potential length, provided it remains less than 84" in width. We are able to adjust peak height from 3" to 1", as well as adjust the base thickness – the distance from the bottom of the foam sheet to the bottom of a valley. Eggcrate foam is used for bedding, mattress toppers, cushioning in seats and wheelchairs, packaging, and even sound treatment when cut from acoustic foam.

Examples of products fabricated by this machine:

acoustical foam sheetacoustical eggcrateeggcrate packagingeggcrate topper

NOTE: Rough edges and markings will be cleaned for any and all finished products.

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