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Die Cutter

die press

To put it simply, our die cutter is a big cookie-cutter, great for getting exact shapes from sheets of foam. Dies, or plates, are created by inserting thin, finely serrated blades into slabs of wood to create a design for cutting. Sheets of foam are placed over those dies and subjected to as much as 80 tons of pressure, forcing the foam over the blades and creating cutouts of the plate's design. With a table that measures 76" x 32", multiple designs can be created on a single plate to produce products quickly and economically. The die requires two buttons to be pressed simultaneously to operate, greatly reducing the chances of accidental operation.

With the die cutter's ability to produce multiple forms from a single press, it is best used for bulk-order projects. In the same time it may take the waterjet to produce hundreds of a product, the die cutter could make thousands, with the same degree of detail. Intricate, large-run orders like form-fitting packaging inserts, or novelty foam hats and toys are often cut on this machine.

Examples of products fabricated by this machine:

die cutdie cutdie cutdie cut

NOTE: Rough edges and markings will be cleaned for any and all finished products.

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