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Vertical High Density Foam Saw

For creating customized products, or simply reducing large foam sheets into more manageable dimensions, the vertical saw gives us precision finishing capabilities. With multiple cutting tables in various sizes, we're able to handle many projects simultaneously. Mainly used for finishing or refining instead of processing, the majority of the vertical cutter's time is spent on short-run or custom products, such as tapered seating cushions, or specialty body wedges or knee pillows.

The vertical cutter requires an operator to manually pass the foam through the blade, like woodworking band saws. The 3/4" wide blade is articulated, possessing a 45° range of motion, allowing the saw operator to taper or grade each piece individually. However, the vertical saw can only cut straight lines along the plane the blade is set to; contours and curves are not made with this saw. These machines generally weigh 2,300 to 3,000 pounds, depending on equipped features.

Examples of products fabricated by this machine:

Molding - Vertical High Density SawPoly Foam Wedgefoam custom cushioncustom cushion

NOTE: Rough edges and markings will be cleaned for any and all finished products.

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