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Wholesale Foam

Upholstery foam suppliers like Foam Factory offer great products that you use in all walks of life, from foam mattresses in the bedroom and couch cushions in the living room, to chair pads at work, and packaging foam when shipping or storing goods. These are items people always need, so when a company offers them at wholesale foam pricing like Foam Factory does, it means you’re saving money, whether you’re buying just a single item or purchasing supplies in bulk quantities. Simply put, if you need foam for personal or business uses, browse the products at You won’t find the same combination of quality and value anywhere else.

Foam manufacturers that offer the ability to purchase materials both individually and in bulk especially benefit small businesses. A great example is Foam Factory’s Dryfast foam. An upholstery shop may only receive a request for outdoor patio cushions once or twice a year, and it doesn’t make sense for them to purchase Dryfast foam in bulk like some foam suppliers require. Foam Factory lets shops place low-quantity and high-quantity orders, together or individually, all at affordable, low prices.

Foam Factory is different from many wholesale manufacturers in that they offer the same pricing whether you want a single foam mattress, or enough beds to open your own business! This isn’t always the case with other companies, as some foam distributors only offer low prices when buying sizable quantities of material, and then increase the unit cost when an individual or company only wants a couple sheets of foam.

When you add it all up, no matter who you are or what you’re looking for, Foam Factory’s high-quality wholesale products on offer the most competitive foam pricing on the Internet.

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